We are glad to welcome our site «SVD» Group to you!

 For 10 years already «SVD» Group helps to solve the most topical problems of air transport, ship repairing, oil and gas, automotive, and other industries.

The main areas in which we operate are:

 -          Buildings of quickly deployment hangars for storage and repair of air transport, automotive ,water transport in «Cold» and «Warm» in execution;

 -          Buildings of sport facilities, storage complex, agricultural hangars;

 -           Buildings of tent production different purpose from aluminum and steel;

 -          Protective covers for aircrafts and helicopters;

 -          Running, transporting, parking tents for water transport;

 -          Kill-blocks.

 We now hold one of the leading positions on the market of special purpose products, and many of these are exclusive products designed by us. Our benefits are high quality, flexibility and speed of reaction on changes, professionalism and competence, customer-oriented service.

 Powerful drivers of our development are modernizations and implementation of innovations. Continuous enhancement of the production technology enables us to offer you a widest range of versions of tent and frame structures.

 Our company has own workshop of production iron structures, workshop of production tent products and workshop of sewing products from technical fabric. Company has different certificates of conformity on materials and component parts which need for creating product.

 In list of our regular customers includes famous company as Saratov airlines, Polar airlines, Ship building and ship repairing plant of Moscow, Mostotrest- service, SFD Russia, yacht-club Burevestnik, yacht-club FordeWind, yacht-club MRP, Gazpromavia Aviation, Airline Light Air, Airline Vertical-T, AeroGeo, helicopter company AeroSouz, Airline Barkol, Panh Airlines, National Aeroclub of Russia, Industrial park Bikovo and many other.

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